Recycling Resources

Want to know more about recycling? Not sure how to recycle?  We found these links helpful:  (TagDrops has no affiliation or partnership with any of these groups.)

  • This is a cool link about what can be recycled in your area and the top 5 impacts of recycling.

  • The official United States Government EPA website also has some helpful information.

  • Clothing Donation/Recycling: Helpful article from New York Times

  • Mattress Donation/Recycling 
  • Asbestos Recycling turns asbestos, a durable, fibrous, and cancer-causing mineral, into harmless glass. Asbestos recycling is not often used due to its costs but may become a popular option in the future.  (If asbestos is in your home, contact professionals that are properly trained to dispose of it. Do not try to remove or recycle asbestos yourself. This can disturb asbestos fibers and put you at risk of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.)