What is the size of TagDrops?

1” diameter x 1.2mm thick

Are TagDrops permanent?

No, TagDrops come with a removable adhesive backing that is designed to stay in place when you want it to and easily come off when you want to adjust the tag or remove it altogether.  It is safe for most surfaces including wood, stainless steel, plastic, glass. Not recommended for delicate surfaces such as walls or cabinets painted with flat paint and wallpaper.

How do I apply my TagDrops to my cabinet?

TagDrops come with a removable adhesive backing already attached to the tag.  Simply remove the protective liner and stick to your cabinet. TagDrops can be adjusted as many times as you need.


How do I remove my TagDrops?

To remove, firmly grasp tag and pull back. TagDrops are hassle free and easy to move and readjust.


Where should I put my TagDrops?

TagDrops can be placed anywhere.  Most common applications are next to the cabinet handle, in the center of the cabinet or at the top corner of the cabinet.


How do I clean my TagDrops?

Simply wipe with a cloth.  You can also remove your TagDrops from time to time and clean underneath to ensure that no fuzz or dirt get lodged underneath it.  


How are TagDrops made?

TagDrops are made by pouring a zinc metal alloy into a round mold with the trash or recycling image.  Next they are cooled and plated in faux antique silver, gold or black nickel.   Lastly the trash or recycling images are painted with black or grey paint.