Our Story


TagDrops founder, Jennifer Morrissey, isn’t even that organized or tidy.  But she does like a nice label. And when her two children were starting to learn to read she decided to label everything!  LAMP. CLOSET. TOILET. TRASH. After a while, most labels went away but the Trash sticker remained on the kitchen cabinet door because it was actually quite helpful for more than just her kids.  Now when friends and guests came into her kitchen they could easily find the most asked for item...the trash can....without having to ask Jennifer to stop what she was doing and show them where it was.  

But the plastic TRASH sticker wasn’t very pretty, sleek or elegant.  She envisioned a stylish metal label that would be subtle yet clear. She couldn’t find what she wanted anywhere and decided to make her own for herself and friends.  Once her friends started using them in their kitchens the response was so positive that she had no choice but to create TagDrops and see where it took her.

On a side note, both of Jennifer’s children are dyslexic and did eventually learn to read, write and spell.  (Actually still working on spelling!) But the TagDrops simple logos mean there are no reading or language barriers!